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Weapons First Aid Course

ARC Learning Ltd working in partnership with Pro-Tact Shooting facilitating a weapons first aid course

With the increasing amount of interest in Firearms, Shotguns, Airguns and Airsoft these days, and gun club memberships rising across the UK, ARC Learning Ltd and Pro-Tact Shooting have now teamed up to provide specialist First Aid courses aimed at focusing on wounds specifically associated with these activities.

Paul Titcomb, Managing Director of ARC Learning Ltd said “Understanding how and when injuries can occur has been paramount to getting this sort of course just right if we are to meet the needs of clubs and individuals using these kinds of weapons. This is where the information provided by Andy Nightingale from Pro-Tact Shooting has been invaluable. Andy has given ARC’s First Aid instructors, an in-depth account of the type of injuries which can occur both on the range and in outdoor situations. This information has enabled ARC to design and deliver First Aid courses specifically aimed at this market”.

Andy commented “I believe the quality of course provided by ARC First Aid instructors is second to none; all their instructors are registered with the First Aid Industry Body (FAIB), and many of them have military and Paramedic backgrounds, so they really understand the inherent dangers associated with handling a variety of weapons in various situations.”

The benefit of having instructors and individuals with an accredited First Aid Certificate specifically tailored to deal with weapons related injuries speaks volumes, as the emergency treatment protocols for dealing with these types of injuries often change from those taught on regular First Aid courses.

Weapons First Aid courses can be specifically tailored to suit a variety of requirements with instructors working UK wide, including the Isle of Man. ARC provides a variety of course delivery methods including:
• Classroom only courses
• Practical courses on the range
• Practical courses out in the field
• A mixture of the above

For more information please contact:
Paul Titcomb on: 07834 043076 or 0121 770 1495
Andy Nightingale on: 07788 501184

April 20, 2015

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