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New Airsoft First Aid Courses

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New for 2014!  First Aid for Airsoft.

Enjoying the thrill of this high action sport is all well and good, but would you really know what to do if there was an accident?

There are of course a multitude of inherent dangers associated with using weapons, you only have to look on the internet to see some of the accidents which have occurred during Airsoft combat, to see how participants can be injured.  Running around over rough terrain or in specially adapted Airsoft combat environments naturally increases the chances of slips, trips and falls.  Its easy to see how Airsoft combat can cause sprains and lacerations, fractures and concussion; and there is always a chance that a someone may fall ill during combat perhaps with heat exhaustion or because they have suffered a stroke.

Knowing what to do when something goes wrong could so easily prevent a casualty’s condition from deteriorating.  By attending an Airsoft First Aid course you could save someone’s sight if a BB hits them in the eye, you could give appropriate treatment for concussion following a fall, or even save a life if someone suddenly collapses due to a heart attack!

Whenever we are ill all we want to know is that someone competent is there to take charge and get things done right.

ARC Learning Ltd is unique in that it runs First Aid courses especially designed to meet the needs of Airsoft participants.  Courses are held either indoors or out in the field so that in the event of an accident or incident occurring, appropriate, effective and up to date First Aid treatment can be given.

Run by ex military personnel with years of First Aid training and mountain rescue casualty care experience, these highly professional but fun and interactive courses are an absolute MUST if you want to deliver safe and competent Airsoft First Aid treatment.

If you would like to know more about our new Airsoft First Aid Courses, contact ARC Learning Ltd

February 24, 2014

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