Sickness Absence Management

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Sickness Absence Management

Preventing and managing sickness absence within the workplace can be difficult at the best of times; especially for small or medium sized employers who are unlikely to have their own occupational health or health and safety departments.

Making sense of Fit Notes which state “May return to work with reasonable adjustments” or “Needs a phased return to work” can be confusing. What exactly is a ‘reasonable adjustment’ or a ‘phased return’? Get it wrong, and the outcome could be costly.

An Occupational Health Ergonomist combines the roles of occupational health nurse/physician and health and safety officer, thus effectively helping to avoiding unnecessary sickness absence in the first place or prolonged, or perhaps unsafe and unnecessary return periods.

One of ARC’s Registered nurses is a fully qualified Occupational Health Ergonomist and Health and Safety officer with a strong track record of helping small and medium sized employers to effectively implement sickness absence management plans. She is able to offer advice on workplace environments and safe systems of work which promote employee well-being, increase productivity and promote effective sickness absence management – safely!

Whatever your needs, our experienced Occupational Health Ergonomist can provide cost effective solutions to help maximise employee potential and productivity output; whether it be designing simple and safe workplace systems and environments or complex employee sickness management systems, ARC Learning Ltd can make a real difference!

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ARC Sickness Absence Management – Working with employees, managers, safety officers, G.P.’s, Human Resource departments, legal representatives and trades unions, we can get it right, saving time and money!

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