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Occi Health / Return to Work Assessments

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Return to Work Assessments

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t can often be difficult for managers or health and safety officers to plan a safe and successful Return to Work programme for employees returning to the workplace after a period of sickness absence, or following a progressive illness diagnosis.

Some employees may not want their medical details released to their employer, whilst employers may not have the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively conduct a safe Return to Work Assessment. Getting it wrong can be very costly; in time, money, lost skills and perhaps even litigation.

ARC Learning Ltd can help employers to get their Return to Work Assessments right. These assessments are conducted by our qualified Occupational Health Nurse/Ergonomist and if required, the professional skills of our qualified physiotherapist and occupational therapists, to make sure all Return to Work programmes are both cost effective and safe.

Getting valued employees back to work as soon as possible, so they stay back at work, is the most cost effective way of managing expensive staff resources; let ARC Learning Ltd take the worry away and help you get it right first time.

We work with Human Resource managers, employment lawyers, Trades Unions, medical professionals and families to make sure your staff get back to work safely.

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