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Occupational Health

Why use our Occupational Health Ergonomics Service?

Our Occupational Health Ergonomics Service primarily fulfils two key functions:

  1. Assisting employers to maximise employee productivity
  2. Assisting employers to get staff back to work following illness or injury, including staff diagnosed with long-term progressive conditions

Human Resource managers and Health & Safety officers are often tasked with deciding the best way forward for an employee returning to work following illness, injury or a life changing diagnosis; a task carrying an enormous amount of clinical responsibility which can often be overwhelming.

Return to Work

ARC can help employers get their workplaces, systems and Return to Work Assessments just right! Our qualified Occupational Health Ergonomist/Nurse works with employers and employees to make sure working environments are safe, effective and productive and if necessary, our qualified physiotherapist will be able to provide additional advice and treatments.

We also work with Human Resource managers, employment lawyers, Trades Unions, medical professionals and families to achieve the best possible results.

Please contact us for a no obligation appointment to see how ARC can help you achieve safe and effective workplace systems and environments.