People Handling – Paediatric Handling Course

Two day moving and handling courses specifically designed to address the needs of those working with children. The content of the course is based around the newly published ‘Manual Handling of Children’ by Pat Alexander and Carole Johnson, of the National Back Exchange.

Aims & Objectives of the course:

This paediatric handling course is designed to prepare paediatric carers and nurses in the safe handling of children including those with a disability, acute injury, acquired injury or deteriorating condition. It covers the legal aspects associated with paediatric handling, involving parents and guardians, assessing risks and looks at safely managing a whole range of practical scenarios.

Benefits of attending the course:

It is a common misconception that handling children is ‘lighter work’ than handling adults. However, this is far from the truth, as constant bending and lifting from the floor can result in severe musculoskeletal injuries for the carer especially when it comes to handling play equipment or a disabled child from a ball or therapy pool. By attending this course delegate will learn how to safely move and handle these ‘little people’ without causing harm to themselves or distress to the child and to help maximise the child’s potential.


Delegates are required to demonstrate a safe and interactive approach to risk assessment and problem solving during the course. Certificates of competency last for 1 year, and are run in line with the guidance and standards set by National Back Exchange.

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