Object Handling Course

Aims & Objectives:

This half day Object Handling Course will raise delegates awareness of how and why musculoskeletal injuries, (back injuries in particular) occur. It looks at how to prevent such accidents and injuries from happening when moving and handling objects and is suitable for members of the general public and employees from all occupational disciplines.

The Object Handling Course covers:
Current health and safety legislation in relation to moving and handling
Spinal anatomy and an awareness of how and why such injuries may be sustained
The personal and organisational cost of injuries
Assessing object handling hazards and risks
Principles of safe handling

The Object Handling course also contains a practical element which involves employing correct moving and handling techniques. The objects available for this part of the object handling course may be either supplied by the trainer or the participants.

All Object Handling courses are run by a Registered Healthcare Professional (nurse/physio/occupational therapist), all of whom are expert moving and handling practitioners and members of the National Back Exchange.

Benefits of attending the course:
Employers will be complying with their health and safety requirements and employees will avoid sustaining painful and costly injuries as a result of lifting and moving objects incorrectly.
Participants must be capable of taking part in the practical element of this course. It is the responsibility of each individual participant to take care of their own health and safety and inform the instructor beforehand if they have any limitations on their physical ability.

Delegates will receive a certificate of attendance once they have demonstrated how to correctly assess and handle loads correctly. Certification lasts for 1 year in line with National Back Exchange guidelines.

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