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1 Day Introduction to Safe Handling – theory and practical 

An ideal course for anyone involved in the transferring of people; particularly suited to new care staff as part of their induction programme of training.

Our training suite offers carers the opportunity to work with hospital profiling beds and, in our specially equipped community bedroom, with a domestic double bed and a domestic armchair to simulate a more realistic environment.

Course Outline

Theoretical knowledge:

  • Theory related to safe people handling, including:
  • Legislation and Policy
  • Musculoskeletal health and wellbeing
  • Assessing risks
  • The principles of safe handling practice
  • What not to do (controversial techniques)

Practical handling skills:

  • Sit to stand, chair transfers and seated positioning
  • Bed transfers and positioning
  • Dealing with the falling and the fallen person
  • Emergency evacuation from a chair for CPR
  • Pressure relief awareness
  • Problem solving scenarios

Equipment available:

  • Mobile, standing and overhead hoists and slings
  • Active transfer aids, Sara Steady, standing hoists, rota stand
  • Slide sheets; one way and multidirectional
  • Transfer sheets
  • Handling belts
  • Transfer boards and turn cushions
  • Elk
  • Hand blocks
  • Hand belts
  • Easy slides
  • Rope ladders

Certification last for 1 year.