Infection Control


Effective Infection Control is important if the spread of potentially life threatening infections is to be avoided. With the elderly, ill and the very young being particularly vulnerable, carers must understand how this ‘invisible enemy‘ can so easily multiply and spread within any community.

Infection control is more often than not, promoted by employing simple workplace practices such as good hand hygiene. This interesting and informative half day Infection Control course looks at:

The different types of infections
The signs and symptoms of infections and disease
How we can be protected against infections
How bacteria can rapidly multiply in optimum conditions
The chain of infection and how to break this
How to combat the spread of infections and disease
Using Personal Protective Equipment such as gloves and aprons correctly
Disposing of infected or contaminated waste
Effective hand hygiene

This Infection Control course is run by a Registered Nurse, and is designed to suit anyone who cares for others such as informal and formal carers or anyone with a vested interest in preventing and controlling infections and disease. A short quiz completes the session together with a fun hand washing exercise.

The course may be run in-house or at any suitable training venue.

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