Food Hygiene level 1

Food Hygiene level 1

£30pp + vat

This basic Food Hygiene Level 1 course is the first of 3 Food Hygiene courses and simply covers what to do and what not to do, to prevent the spread of food poisoning organisms either in the home or the workplace.

The Food Hygiene Level 1 course is an ideal short 3 hour program for anyone who handles food in a minimal capacity. It is suitable for carers, members of the public or anyone who handles or prepares food as a small part of their job role. It is possible to run the course either in-house or at any other suitable training venue and may take place during the evening or at weekends.

The course covers:
The causes of food poisoning; the signs and symptoms
Good Personal Hygiene
Buying, transportation and storage of food
Correct fridge and freezer temperatures
How to prepare food to prevent various types of food contamination
Cooking and reheating protocols
Dealing with infestations and unclean environments
Effective cleaning and waste disposal

This Food Hygiene Level 1 course may easily be adapted to suit young cooks or people with a limited learning ability.

The Food Hygiene Level 1 course concludes with a fun hand washing exercise and a simple multi-choice quiz.

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