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Direct Claim Status

Direct Claim Status

ARC Learning is proud to announce that it has been awarded Direct Claim Status for all RQF Diplomas and qualifications by our Awarding Body, Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance!

What does this mean?

It means the quality of RQF portfolios completed by our hard working and committed learners have consistently achieved an exceptionally high standard and we now no longer need to submit any portfolios for external verification.

RQF learners will now receive their Diploma certificates within 2 weeks of completing their studies.



We are now recommencing essential mandatory care training courses for small groups (maximum of 4 people).  If you require training please contact us on: 233308 or 246054 or email us at:

Our RQF learners can also contact us to make an appointment to come in to see us for the recommencement of face to face guidance.



ARC Learning and ARC Help@Home are now open for business once again, with appropriate social distancing protocols in place.

To view the items in our Independent Living showroom, please call first to make an appointment or to enquire about the goods and service we have on offer.

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Mental Health and Wellbeing (Mental Health First Aid) Courses

Mental Health and Wellbeing (Mental Health First Aid) Courses

We are now taking advanced bookings for our fantastic Mental Health and Wellbeing courses, which will resume just as soon as the Covid-19 situation permits.  Any bookings made between May 28th and June 30th 2020 will attract a 10% discount off our normal course fees:

½ day Mental Health Awareness course £55: with discount just, £49.50 pp

1-day Mental Health and Wellbeing course £95: with discount just, £85.50 pp

2-day Mental Health and Wellbeing at Work course £180: with discount just, £162 pp.

Please contact Paul on: 245054 or email: for more information or to book your place(s).

Direct Claim Status

The rise of the distance learning RQF

I have recently come across a growing number of QCF Diplomas in Health and Social Care being offered as distance learning programmes.  These programmes are particularly attractive to learners as they:

Are very inexpensive, starting at around £250

  • Do not require any attendance at college
  • Can be completed without a qualified assessor observing the learner in the workplace
  • Do not require qualified assessors or managers to authenticate or sign work off
  • Do not require questionnaires (exam questions), to be completed with any adjudication
  • Only require learners to be in work for a minimum of 50 hours (checks on work placements are not verified as authentic or suitable).

When I enquired about embarking on one of these courses (Level 2 Diploma), I was told I only had to have someone “with a bit more experience and knowledge than myself” to sign my work off.  I can make the judgement or choose who to ask to sign my work off.  I will be assessed on the assignments I send through for marking and the answers to the questionnaires I provide; I don’t need formal assessments by qualified assessors, and no one will come to vet my place of work or the people signing off my work.

Am I concerned?  You bet I am.

“How easy is it to exploit this system?”

“Is it now more important for carers to have their name printed on a piece of paper than it is to have the knowledge and skills which should underpin a qualification in care?”

It is not acceptable to pass responsibility over to individuals claiming they should have more integrity and honesty when completing their programmes of study; and how ethical is it asking QCF learners to make a judgement on whether or not a colleague is suitable to sign their work off?  How can someone with only 50 hours, or 7 days of care experience, gain the knowledge and skills required for a Diploma in Care?

This situation forms the basis of a serious debate which the authorities urgently need to hold; certificating carers like this is nothing short of a serious safeguarding issue!